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Home Sweet Homes

What others are saying about Home Sweet Homes


“I read it late at night and tried to keep quiet because I wanted to laugh out loud. Man, it was a funny book.


“I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. I hope that the next time Diane moves it will be to the house next door.”

“This book was less of a guide and more like having a seasoned veteran sit you down for a glass of wine and a little chat that you’re going to be just fine (even if you have to leave behind the playhouse!) as you prepare to move.”

“I used to buy Dave Barry’s “Homes and Other Black Holes” as a gift for someone who is moving, but Home Sweet Homes is my new favorite. It’s human, believable, sweet and funny.

“Her Erma Bombeck style leaves the reader wanting a sequel!!!”


About Home Sweet Homes


Your toothbrush and deodorant are in a box marked Basement Storage, your great-grandmother’s heirloom china is in pieces, and you’re in your husband’s underwear, making Hamburger Helper in a Little Tykes plastic frying pan in the microwave. You’ve just moved.

Could things get worse? Probably. But then they’ll get better, especially if you can see the humor in that hare-brained, heartbreaking and hilarious thing called moving.

Home Sweet Homes: How Bundt Cakes, Bubble Wrap, and My Accent Helped Me Survive Nine Moves takes you along on Diane Laney Fitzpatrick’s cross-country moves with colicky babies, sulky teens, dogs, frogs and goldfish. With 42 Moving Tips and one hilarious story after another, Home Sweet Homes is a side-splitting survivors guide to moving, that is sure to keep you laughing throughout life’s moving moments.



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Realtors! Home Sweet Homes makes the perfect client gift! Real estate and relocation professionals get a 20% discount on the purchase of five or more copies of Home Sweet Homes, when ordered directly from the author.
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Home Sweet Homes is in 12 libraries throughout the country. The Kindle version is part of Amazon’s lending library. Check it out – literally – at www.amazon.com. If you’d like Home Sweet Homes in your local library, tell Diane and she’ll donate a copy to any library who will have her.



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